Simpull Box

No knives, No damage, No delays

Why so hard to open?

Why is it so hard to open a box? It’s a frustration we’ve all had. Trying to pick off the tape or bash a box open with our fist, before finally searching for a knife or scissors. We’ve all had the same thought, "there’s gotta be a better way!”

There's gotta

be a

better way

A Better Stacked Shelf?

So we set to work. We structurally analysed, we environmentally pondered and we ergonomically engineered, and after many prototypes we invented the opening system that’s just so... Simpull.

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Easy to open in 3 steps

no knives

no damage

no delays

There is a better way

It's easy to use and super quick. Simpull is a clever perforation formation that allows a taped up box to be opened with just one hand. By removing the need for a knife, the Simpull box improves accessibility for all types of users, as well as:

   Allows instant access to save time and money
   Eliminates accidental knife damage to contents
   Prevents the risk and cost of knife injuries

Applicable to almost any size box and essential to getting more done, the Simpull box makes you wonder 'why hasn’t this been done before’.

save time

save money

save the planet

It's easy being green

It’s like a magician’s sleight of hand. Simpull quickly separates the tape from the cardboard in one clean move without damage. Combined with its independently tested structural integrity, the Simpull box:

   Significantly extends the reusable life of the box
   Improves recyclability to help meet sustainability requirements
   Delivers contents as securely as a traditional box

Remarkably simple to implement into existing production lines, the Simpull patented opening system easily provides a better experience for all, while helping meet sustainable packaging regulatory obligations such as the Australian Packaging Covenant.

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by design

Wait! Why not glue?

There are a number of undesirable factors with using hot melt adhesives to close a box including the strong smells, and injuries handling the extremely hot equipment. By comparison, using adhesive tape to close a Simpull Box:

   Seals and protects the contents from pests, dust and moisture
   Does not melt or become brittle in hot or cold environments
   Is not difficult to break the adhesive bond and open the box
   Decreases the costs of recycling and improves pulp quality

small changes

can make a

big impact

A Simpull example

A popular quick service restaurant chain needs a solution to their frozen fries dilemma.

In a fast paced workplace, and restricted from using knives, staff find a quick way to open a frozen fries box is to bash the side to pull off the tape. However, this breaks the fragile fries into shorter lengths, requiring a larger portion of the product to fill their customers’ cartons - effectively giving fries away!

Broken fries - need extra
Full length fries - no extras

Simpull Box has solved it. It's quick and easy, yet safe and gentle to open, and does not damage the frozen fries. The small change over to Simpull Box will make a big impact for the quick service restaurant chain, saving the company significant dollars every year, while improving operations for their employees.

PDF: A Simpull fries example
 simpull example pdf  

reduce costs

reduce waste

reduce footprint

Some Simpull Answers
Does Lewis Boxes manufacture Simpull Boxes?
We don’t operate any manufacturing facilities ourselves. We licence our patents to exisiting manufacturers around the world.
Are there added steps in manufacturing Simpull Box?
No, there are no additional manufacturing steps. Our patented opening system is an engineered formation of perforations that is incorporated into the box die cut during the planning stage, whether for a small run custom die or large run roll die.
Are changes to the production line required for Simpull Box?
Depending on the production line and size of the box, some change may be required in the positioning of where the start of the tape is applied to the box, but otherwise there are no changes.
Is Simpull Box customisable?
Yes. The Simpull patented opening system can be applied to almost any shape or size box requirement you have, from small boutique packaging up to removalist’s cartons and larger.
Is the integrity of Simpull Box compromised?
No, Simpull has been independently tested and was found to have no difference in resistance against a downward crushing force when compared to a traditional box. This is due to the engineered size and radius of the arc shapes that disperse the force, much like an arch holds up a wall.

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Will Simpull Box accidentally open in transit?
The perforations have been designed to only open with direct intentional force from the end user and not by accident in transit.
Can Simpull Box openings be used as handles?
Yes. The end user will find lifting and carrying the Simpull box is made much easier with the weight of the box placed on the hands and therefore the biceps, rather than the much weaker muscles of the fingers. This reduces the risk of the box being dropped and damaging the contents. It also provides an ergonomically better close-to-body centre of gravity, reducing strain on the back and slippage due to off-balance loads. The tape can then be removed as per normal after the box is set down.
How does Simpull Box improve reusability?
The tape can be completely removed without permanently altering or damaging the box. The opening system is returned to its original position and new tape can be applied to seal close the box, whether it has been completely emptied of its contents or not. Returning empty boxes to the supplier for re-packing can create an almost closed-loop system, subject only to basic wear and tear.
How does Simpull Box improve recyclability?
The complete separation of the tape from the box leaves the cardboard “clean”. Clean cardboard reduces the amount of energy and water required to separate materials at recycling centres, which reduces the box’s overall impact on the environment and can improve environmental credentials.
Does Simpull Box meet APCO guidelines for reuse?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.8: Design for Reuse) asks "Is the packaging format applicable for reconditioning once the packaging has fulfilled its designated purpose?"

Yes, the tape can be completely removed without permanently altering or damaging the box. The opening system is returned to its original position and new tape can be applied to reseal the box close for repeat use.
Does Simpull Box meet APCO guidelines for recovery?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.9: Design for Recovery) asks "Are any materials bonded together and therefore difficult to recycle?”

The complete separation of the tape from the box leaves the cardboard "clean”. This is also highly preferable to glue closures that result in “stickies” during the recycling process and reduce the quality of the pulp.
Does Simpull Box meet APCO guidelines for accessibility?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.11: Design for Consumer Accessibility) asks "Could an alternative design be used efficiently to minimise the requirement for tools such as a knife or scissors?”

No knife or any other tool is required with Simpull and can even be opened with just one hand, improving usability for all.
PDF: Simpull Box Fact Sheet