split, reseal, & return

A Better Stacked Shelf?

It's exciting when a new package arrives at the door. And Simpull Box makes it easy to get into the new items, real fast!

But sometimes that joy turns to disappointment when what's in the box is not what was wanted. The realisation that it needs to be returned sinks in.

The love that was delivered has been tainted, as the painful hunt for sticky tape begins... and then continues with the search for scissors. Who's taken the scissors?!

And while good intentions are appreciated, returned packages that use entire rolls of sticky tape are not.

We're pretty sure "there’s gotta be a better way!”

There's gotta

be a

better way

A Better Stacked Shelf?

So we pondered on a Simpull Box that's easily resealed and returned. A solution that doesn't use tools or new tape. A design that seamlessly integrates into current packing systems, and doesn't sacrifice efficiency.

And after many prototypes we invented a multi-use tape that's just so... Simpull.

  see it in action



& return

Happy Shoppers

It's easy to use and super quick. Simpull Tape is a multi-use adhesive tape that allows Simpull Box to be resealed and returned to sender. By removing the need for tools or new tape, Simpull Tape:

   Eliminates the frustration of time wasted searching for tape etc
   Removes the risk of injury to the customer
   Improves the usability for the elderly and handicapped

Minimising the inconvenience of returns, Simpull Tape creates a more pleasant experience for the customer, encourages a more favourable review of the retailer, and leads to more repeat business.

save time

save money

save the planet

A Simpull tidy store

A returned Simpull Box with Simpull Tape is neat and tidy, does not obstruct the original labels, and eliminates the chaos of recieving poorly taped, unidentified random boxes. Simpull Tape allows the retailer to:

   Easily identify contents and sort items efficiently
   Enjoy all the benefits of opening an intact Simpull Box
   Create an almost closed-loop reuse system with a Simpull Box

Applied to Simpull Box by the retailer like any other tape, our patent-pending Simpull Tape is non-disruptive to current packing systems, while helping meet sustainable packaging regulatory obligations such as the Australian Packaging Covenant.

reduce costs

reduce waste

reduce footprint

Some Simpull Answers
Does Lewis Boxes manufacture Simpull Tape?
We don’t operate any manufacturing facilities ourselves. We licence our patents to exisiting manufacturers around the world.
Are there added steps in manufacturing Simpull Tape?
In comparison to standard tape, yes. The manufacture of Simpull Tape is similar to the production of multi-ply toilet paper, where separate rolls are rolled into one.
Are changes to the production line required for Simpull Tape?
No, Simpull Tape is applied in the same methods as standard tape, whether pressure-sensitive or water-activated.
Is Simpull Tape customisable?
Yes. Simpull Tape works in many widths, adhesives, backing materials and custom printed designs.
Will Simpull Tape’s top layer accidentally peel off in transit?
The strength of the adhesive between the layers has been engineered to only separate with intentional force by the end user and not by accident in transit.
How does Simpull Tape improve reusability?
When used with Simpull Box, Simpull Tape can be completely removed without permanently altering or damaging the box. The opening system is returned to its original position and Simpull Tape can be "split" and applied to reseal the box closed. Returning Simpull Box to the retailer to be emptied and reused can create an almost closed-loop system, subject only to basic wear and tear.
Does Simpull Tape meet APCO guidelines for reuse?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.8: Design for Reuse) asks "Is the packaging format applicable for reconditioning once the packaging has fulfilled its designated purpose?"

Yes, Simpull Tape is a multi-use adhesive tape that can be reapplied to reseal a box close for repeat use.
Does Simpull Tape meet APCO guidelines for accessibility?
The Australian Packaging Covenant's Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (3.11: Design for Consumer Accessibility) asks "Could an alternative design be used efficiently to minimise the requirement for tools such as a knife or scissors?”

No knife or any other tool is required with Simpull Tape and can even be opened with just one hand, improving usability for all.